About us
About us

A great business plan comes from a dynamic and forward-thinking team. The strongest part of our business at Empire Limousine Services is our veteran team. The core team at Empire Limousine comes with vast and in-depth business knowledge of this sector of service industry. With nearly 30 years of experience and counting Empire Limousine Services is our proud moment, where we can show off our exceptional skills acquired by serving countless clients. With our team’s extensive and all-encompassing knowledge, we can rightfully claim that we know our customers, we recognize your needs and we have the solutions to your requirements.



What we offer

Transportation services with flair and style is our forte, we proudly offer the following.

  1. To and from all area airports
  2. Hourly services
  3. Round trips
  4. City to City
  5. Group travel
  6. Night Out
  7. Prom
  8. Events


Hassle-free, receipts free travel, forget the paper clutter and let us take care of your worries. Once you have opened your personal or corporate account that is it. Your luxury filled rides are a few clicks or one phone call away. Just book with us, kick back, unwind and let us take control. All your records, receipts and travel paperwork are secure with us and you can access the same anytime you wish.

Why Empire Limousine

We are the best and we continue to get better

Yes, there are tons of limousine services out there, but we can claim rightfully so that none of them is like us. Our expertise multiplied by our commitment to overtake everyone can be experienced when you ride with us. Today we stand taller because of our principles that are our mission statement also.

1- Reliability

Being reliable is in our DNA no matter what we shall do everything possible to stick to reliability. Every single day we are making our systems stronger to have back up plans for our customer to avoid unexpected and unforeseen situations.

2- Being On Time

At Empire Limousine it is our policy to arrive 5 to 10 minutes early at pick up location. This helps us mitigate unexpected delays and in the event of extremely unavoidable situation it is our standing policy to immediately inform our customers of the delay and provide update on the developing situation.

3- Vehicles.

We have strict maintenance schedules to carry out periodic inspections and maintenance per manufacturers recommendations. All our drivers are required to report vehicular damage per our policy. We can keep our vehicles exceptionally clean for your comfort, under all conditions except when faced with active bad weather and when the weather is totally beyond everything.

4- Chauffeur

We only engage the services of most experienced, helpful and considerate chauffeurs and further train them per our corporate culture to bring them to par to meet your standards.

5- Flights in check

We periodically and actively monitor all flights to dispatch our chauffeured vehicles to meet you on time and to monitor if there is a gate change or terminal change, all this to meet your standards and to receive you with a smile.

6- Variety of vehicles

Diversifying our operational fleet to meet your needs was the best thing we did. Our fleet reflects our commitment to the extraordinary lengths to meet your expectations. Your needs mirrors what we have in our fleet. We have luxury sedans, mid-size and full-size luxury SUV’s and luxury vans etc.

With our unique experience in this business in the Greater Tri-State area NY, NJ, CT you can trust us to move you about with top of the line comfort level and elegance.


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We have lots of experience in this business in this greater Tri-State area NY, NJ, CT you can count on us.

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